Welcome to Artridis for Linux

My motivation for such a project is to achieve a Object Oriented approach of programming with OpenGL
For that purpose, I used C++ although I kept some C feature in some particular locations in the code when I considered it as irrelevant at this stage of development for this particular software.

My choice of using object oriented technique is mainly due to my need of code reuse for future software releases
I have not completely changed the code at this point and the future software will tend to be more and more C++ classes prone.

Why doing this kind of software when something like Maya can do this hundred of times better?

Just because the approach is actually different from that kind of "all in one" software. I like the idea of simplicity and yet ability to evolve in all kind of functionalities in the future, based on the Nate Robin library GLM.
I am convinced that such a simple software could have some interesting kind of commercial uses.

A lot more features could be added to make it much more attractive but this is just a alpha release. It is from the available classes, notably Object and Scene that I intend to develop quite quickly some catchy Games and Toys ;)

Artridis, a 3D world composer

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